Norut Northern Research Institute is a Norwegian research and innovation company that produces knowledge with practical applicability relevant to the High North within technology and social science.

Norut is steadily using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in new fields: environmental monitoring, climate measurement, civil preparedness and data collection.
Norut, which is the first company in the world to have flown drones in both the Arctic and Antarctic, specializes in the development of control and sensor systems, remote sensing and environmental monitoring in cold climates. Norut currently operates everything from small multirotors to small petrol-powered aircraft with a range of up to 2,000 km. New projects in which Norut is involved utilise both larger fixed-wing aircraft and multirotors with good load capacity.
20 of Norut’s employees are involved in activities using drones as a platform for operations.

Maritime Robotics is a leading supplier of innovative unmanned solutions for maritime operations in demanding climate and conditions.

Maritime Robotics’ systems operate unmanned in the air and on the ocean surface. With technology developed in close cooperation with both civilian, public and military partners, Maritime Robotics focuses on delivering high quality system solutions and cost-effective products, reducing HSE risk exposure and highly distributable under all conditions.
Headquartered in Norway’s technology capital, Trondheim, staffed by a competent team of engineers and personnel, with a global network of customers and partners.

eSmart Systems Intelligent Analysis Platform collects, analyzes, visualises and converts real-time operative data into decision-making information.

With Connected Drone, tools for the first time have the ability to use artificial intelligence to catalog infrastructure components through our intelligent assistant. Using the eSmart Systems Connected Platform and Microsoft Azure, the intelligent assistant can analyze 100,000 images in less than an hour.
Connected Drones product portfolio is being developed in close cooperation with a number of tools nationally and internationally. Once new intelligent features are ready, they are installed in the product and are seamlessly available to end users.
The results of Connected Drone are presented through an intuitive and user-friendly client interface, providing users with a fast and efficient tool for displaying the status of the infrastructure, as well as exporting reports as a basis for maintenance tasks.