Drone Operations

Raven operates a series of different drone systems in the RO1, 2 and 3 categories. Our operation manuals are adapted to the evolving European Union standards of regulations. A key system will be the newly developed Thundercloud from eSmart Systems, which in a single seamless system plans and performs drone flights and analyses data using real-time artificial intelligence (A.I.). Raven has access to a wide range of sensors for use on drones, for different types of data capture and analysis.

Raven may use both multicopters and fixed wing systems. Raven will work together with operators of manned helicopters and aircraft in order to provide our customers complete solutions for both emergency and planned operations – in one place.

Raven logo

Raven AS is a company established by UAV industry and R&D institutes with extensive experience in developing, testing and using unmanned aircrafts. The company focuses on autonomous and long-range, unmanned operations for commercial purposes, in addition to ordinary VLOS operations.
Other characteristics of the company  are that we have expertise within;​

A variety of sensors

Operation in harsh environmental conditions

Access to drone engineering for tailoring of integrated drone solutions

Access to R & D environments and educational institutions within the sector

Aerospace and aviation law and regulations for the drone industry.

The company’s name, logo and values are symbolized by the raven, known as one of our wisest birds with mythological significance in several cultures. In Norway during the viking era, the raven was known for Odin’s birds Hugin and Munin, which mean “thought” and “memory.”

The company’s visual communication feeds  from the strong characteristics of the raven, as well as human-made unmanned aircrafts.


Ravens major owners

The Norut research institute with experience in research and drone flights throughout the world.​

Maritime Robotics with more than 10 years of history of long-distance flights (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight).

The software company eSmart Systems, which has developed hardware and software for autonomous operations, and has expanded operations into several regions throughout the world in the past year.

Pilots and sensor operators

The company’s internal pilots are trained and qualified (certified) by a common method, common procedures and safety culture. The company’s operations are quality assured and anchored in advanced permits by aviation authorities and other relevant authorities. The pilots have clearance from The National Security Authority (NSM), and passed the CAA exam (hold the CAA pilots certificate), some pilots with more than 10 years of experience with flights Beyond Visual Line of Sight. Similarly, Raven has pilots who have years of experience in the inspection of power lines and other types of infrastructure.

The key operational and management team

Einar Storli Raven AS


Accountable Manager​



Quality Manager


​UAV and Research director Norut


Technical and Operations Manager



The Board

Chairman of board of Directors


Marketing Director of Norut

Board of Directors


CFO eSmart Systems

Board of Directors​


CEO Norinnova TT venture fund

Board of Directors​


CEO Maritime Robotics