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Method development and training of external drone pilots and sensor operators.


Organization of external pilots and sensor specialists in a professional and operational network.


Councelling on aviation law and drone regulations for external operations.


Drone operations with emphasis on autonomous and semi-autonomous inspection of infrastructure.


Assistance for systematic analysis of data capture from unmanned aircraft.


Raven AS is a company established by UAV industry and R&D institutes with extensive experience in developing, testing and using unmanned aircrafts. The company focuses on autonomous and long-range, unmanned operations for commercial purposes, in addition to ordinary VLOS operations.


Raven is represented in the Norwegian regions of Alta, Bodø, Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo, Lillehammer, Halden and Tønsberg, and, from Q2 2018, in Sweden and Denmark, with plans to expand operations throughout Europe.​

The company’s geographical representation means that we will be able to respond quickly to customer requests and be part of emergency responses.


Raven operates a series of different drone systems in the RO1, 2 and 3 categories. Our operation manuals are adapted to the evolving European Union standards of regulations. A key system will be the newly developed Thundercloud from eSmart Systems, which in a single seamless system plans and performs drone flights and analyses data using real-time artificial intelligence (A.I.). Raven has access to a wide range of sensors for use on drones, for different types of data capture and analysis.
Raven may use both multicopters and fixed wing systems. Raven will work together with operators of manned helicopters and aircraft in order to provide our customers complete solutions for both emergency and planned operations – in one place.​

Raven’s signature operating system is the Thundercloud, developed by eSmart Systems. The European power grid consists of 10 million km of power lines. Power outages have severe consequences for people, businesses, and societies. Utilities are tasked with ensuring the quality of service, including continuity of supply and power quality. The cost of blackouts in Europe are increasing.
By utilizing innovative, proven technology, the cause of an outage can be detected fast and safely. Mandatory inspection costs are dramatically reduced. Norwegian utilities save up to 70 % of costs related to outages and repairs.

Drones equipped with artificial intelligence can monitor and detect anomalies quicker, safer, and more accurately than humans and helicopters have ever been able to.​

Thundercloud is an end-to-end solution for infrastructure inspections. The fully equipped mobile operations center supports planning and execution of drone-assisted inspections, including real time monitoring of the operation, and decision-support aided by artificial intelligence.



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